Pool Honeys!

R&B/Garage/Surf of the SGV


Steeper than her leather boots,

redder than her lips and her shoes/

I could call her anything

but bitch’ll always be her name/

teased up hair I look at you

just like you want all the men to do/

you’ll be the sheep,

I’ll be the wolf/

from around the corner I’ll make my move.

It takes you by suprise;

I can see the fear in your eyes.

It takes you by suprise;

because now you’re mine.

East Side Stride [Aunt Jamima]

The sun sets over the tallest buildings,

my feet are weary on the cold cement.

as a cigarette hangs lazily from my

lips, I’m thinking…

I gotta move/

I can’t quit it;

it’s got a hold on me

and it says “Drink, Smoke, Fuck, Kill..”/

And with a smile like a switchblade knife

I walk away from the light;

I’m resigned to my indescretions-

I’ve not yet learned my lesson

[David Duenas]

A City Like This

In a city like this
I won’t miss you-
In a city like this
I can’t see the things you

A heart like leaves
fallen beneath the trees;
you’ve left me alone,
bleeding on my knees.
[David Duenas]

No Body’s Son

I’ve been busy being nobody’s son,

the lord knows I’ve had a pretty wild


taking life like a loaded gun and

a full bottle of rum/

About a half passed noon you’ll

find me at the bar

with a stupid grin stretched across my


I’ve got no shame in disgrace/

And if you don’t like what you see

well then don’t look at me;

keep them self rightous eyes

away from mine-

friend, don’t cross that line

Spring St.

I haven’t seen your face

in at least a year-

Are you going to make me your fool


I’ll probably be your tool again/

And you’ve got your best dress on,

just for me;

you’re hanging out on Spring St.

with your eyes in a fix/

I don’t know what came over me;

I had hoped it was lack of sleep…

-david duenas

Bad Habits

Forget everything that means


I’ve got the world locked up in

a cracker box ring/

And it looks so good

just like life really should/

You’ve got the only face for my

finger tips

and the only eyes that can make my

heart rip/

And I wear it around

like a gorgeous thing I just found/

No, you’ll never take this away-

take this away from me

[David Duenas]

Remember This

You came to me

with your tall legs

and green eyes

short red hair

and thick thighs, your 

skin oh so fair/

And you said, do you got a

cigarette, and I said

you have a light pretty girl? She

says enough to light your world-

I’ve got to make you mine/

We meet at the bar

around 9

for a drink and I start

to think-

god damn I’ve forgotten her


But we go back to her place,

she puts on that sexy face

and that’s the end of the chase-

I’ve just made her mine

Good Girls (Make Pretty Floor Mats)

If you’re so good

how come you want me dead

and how come you crawl in my


just like leprous fingers-

girl, you’re all over me/

And if you’re so happy

why don’t you ever smile

because when I see you,

you’re heart runs thousands of


away from me-

girl, you’re always so damn far away/

Because good girls,

they make pretty floor mats/

I don’t wish you were back

and I don’t wish anything

I just want to know you

so I can put you down

like you’ve done to me/

Because good girls,

they make pretty floor mats

-david duenas

Angel Town

Whats a guy

gotta do

to get next to


Because you make

me so tense

and it

doesn’t make

any sense/

I’m seeing you

from the


and you’re


oh so hard/

I’m forgetting

all the names i’ve


just for yours

my angel town girl/

The first time we met

you were coy

I was wet with


And I offered you a drink,

you said no boy

I gotta think…

-David Duenas